Moschino. 1983 : ! .

Clothes moschino are an embodiment of irony, eclecticism, mixture of styles and an absolute freedom in choosing. from year to year company moschino does not recede from the traditions created by great franko moschino and canons. each thing of this mark always hides something and is ready to surprise: if at first sight it looks quite classical and strict, look at it from a wrong side, and you will see explosion of flashing fun! all collections moschino are created for those who prefers to wear high quality, qualitative clothes, showing own unique style and independence, and is not afraid to show the individuality and originality. the clothes of this mark are always surprisingly convenient and is more tremendous are sexual, filled by brilliant humour with a humour subtle shade, including in relation to itself. moschino is a leader in creation of a frank glamour for clever and ironic, this mark breaks all rules and traditions and always comes out the winner. probably, for this reason clothes from moschino prefer to carry gwyneth paltrow and alicia silverstoun.

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