Ice B

Iceberg, Gilmar Groups, 1974 , Iceberg, ""

Line ice b is clothes for real life which allows to look always youngly and stylishly. clothes ice b are the world of paints and sports style, refinement andit bears on herself a deep print of individuality and pop art, perfectly being combined with whole sets of accessories from ice b: belts, sun glasses and aromas. clothes ice b ideally correspond to a state of mind of the owners, reflecting their vigour and fresh sensuality, rhythm of their life and their is serene-derisive relation to it. ice b is a hooligan style, surprisingly cheerful and seductive. these clothes amaze with the sated paints and ideal simplicity of lines, fresh ideas and unusual combinations, contrast combinations and adventurous images. ice b is a glamour and luxury of a huge megacity which transform even the most usual things into the present product of the modern art!

Ice B Ice B Ice B !