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  ? -- Amplified.

Amplified - 60 - 80- ., , .

In last collections you will find a wide choice of t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and skirts in which obvious influence of a pank fashion of 80th to what bright and original prints david bowie, motor head, ramones, led zeppelin and the sex pistols testify is traced in moscow Itroom Amplified 60 - 80- ., --, Amplified, Itroom Amplified .

. the artificial attrition adds to all things of mark amplified an additional glamour and refinement. besides, at these collections there are smart models with classical images the rolling stones, the who, pink floyd, and the clash which become the present ornament of your shop and will not allow it to remain not noticed. after all the clothes of mark amplified presented in itroom, are that does life more brightly!





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